12 June 2011

Theatre in Delhi: shout-out for Begam ka Takiya & Kafka: Ek Adhyay

The National School of Drama Repertory Company is wrapping up its annual Summer Theatre Festival in Delhi this week. If you're in Delhi today, try and catch Ranjit Kapoor's splendid Begam ka Takiya (last two shows at 3.30pm and 7.00pm today, that's 12th June, at Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg).

The last play of the festival is Suresh Sharma's highly suggestive production of Asif Ali Haider's Kafka: Ek Adhyay, which I saw in its 2007 avatar and reviewed for Time Out Delhi. You can read that review here though I have a strong suspicion that many of the superb NSD repertory actors I saw then have moved on since. But with such a strong script and visually arresting production, the play still ought to be worth a watch. Kafka: Ek Adhyay plays from 13th to 16th June at 7.00pm at Sammukh, NSD, Bhagwan Das Road.

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